Asan Aç

1. Name of the service
2. Service ID
3. Classification of services
  • Services provided in the field of disability and limited health opportunities
4. Name of the structural unit performing the service
  • "DOST" center
  • Regional "DOST" center
  • "DOST" branch
5. Legal basis of the service
6. Forms of incoming inquiries on the service
  • Personally
7. Communication channel used for the service
  • "DOST" centers
  • Call Center
  • Electronic systems
8 Service response forms
  • Personally
  • Through Call Center
9. Reasons for refusal as a result of the service
  • No legal basis
10. Service users
  • Population: Azerbaijan citizens
  • Population: Foreigners (with the right of permanent residence)
  • Population: Stateless persons (with the right of permanent residence)
11. The structural unit of the Ministry providing the implementation of the service
  • DOST Agency
12. Total length of service
  • minutes
13. Length of service
14. Length of service (front office)
  • minutes
15. Length of service (front office)
16. Length of service (back office)
  • minutes
17. Length of service (front office)
18. Standard length of service by DOST operator (in minutes)
19. Service fee
  • Free of charge
20. Place of service
  • "DOST" center
  • Regional "DOST" center
  • "DOST" branch
21. Documents required for the provision of the service
22. Service Steps Guide (DOST model)
23. Information systems used in the service (resources and information)
  • CEİS (Centralized Electronic Information System)
24. Subsystems (resources and information) included in MEIS (Central Electronic Information System) information system structure
  • "Disability" subsystem (TSERAS)
  • "Reception of citizens" subsystem
25. The degree of electronicization of the service
  • Can't be in electronic form
26. The degree of automation of the service
  • Cannot be automated

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