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How to apply for adoption in electronic form?

18 february 2020, 10:18
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How to apply for adoption in electronic form?

The application of parent-candidate for adoption is electronically carried out through "Children deprived of parental care and adoption" subsystem of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population.

Primarily, parent-candidate fills out the appropriate application form in the notary office in order to apply for adoption electronically. Subsequently, parent-candidate submits his or her application by logging with“ASAN Login” in the subsystem.

The data from submitted applications are examined and checked in the context of integration of the relevant agencies' information resources.

In the next step of the process the Adoption Department of the DOST Agency accepts the appeal. After checking the information, the application of parent-candidate is recorded. In case of non-compliance with the adoption requirements, the application is refused.

An appropriate notification about status of application is sent to personal cabinet of the parent-candidate.



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