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Recruitment for vacant positions in the Sustainable and Operational Social Provision Agency, especially in the DOST centers, is held through general (involving all citizens matching the demands of the vacant positions) and internal competitions (involving the employees of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its suborganizations, matching the demands of vacant positions).

Announcements of the internal competition are posted in the electronic centralized information system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan and brought to the attention of the employees.

General competition announcements will be posted in the media and will include detailed information about vacancies and terms of the competition.

When a general competition is announced, citizens may apply for participation in the competition.


"DOST Volunteer" program

Volunteers do very important job in DOST centers by meeting citizens and directing them to the service windows, controlling civic flow, managing queue, raising citizen awareness, assisting citizens who have difficulties in using electronic systems, presenting list of demanded documents to citizens, assisting in various questionnaires, forms and more, assisting people with disabilities, paying special attention and care to them, conducting feedback surveys, and many other things.

Through this activity, young people gain both experience and ability to work with the most vulnerable groups of the population.

Volunteering in DOST Agency is organized in 5 directions: “Young DOST”, “Silver DOST” , "Inclusive DOST", "Corporative DOST" and “Distant DOST”. The “Young DOST” is available for young people between 16-29 years old. The volunteering period is for 2 months and the work process is organized in 3 shifts on a daily basis. The “Young DOST” sub-program is useful for volunteers in terms of their role in socially important activities, acquiring business skills, personal development, spending leisure time, making new friends and relationships, and the first successful steps in their careers. Anyone who wants to join the "Young DOST" can register by visiting this link: The “Silver DOST” sub-program aims to provide an active lifestyle and support useful spending of leisure time for people over 50 years of age. Those who wish to volunteer at DOST centers can register by visiting this link:

It is now possible to be a DOST volunteer, either at home or anywhere. A computer, tablet, or smartphone is enough for this! Those who joined the “Distant DOST” subprogram are complete tasks in the fields of education, training, research, PR, consulting etc. online. This program is also relevant in terms of the social inclusion of persons with disabilities and provides a good opportunity for them to work as volunteers without leaving home.

The purpose of the DOST Volunteer program, which combines all these sub-programs, is to promote social participation, support for voluntary movements and youth policy, development of civil-state relations, provide high-quality services, youth labor market readiness and active aging. The program includes the principles of statehood and patriotism, social and public responsibility, solidarity and cooperation, care and support. Each of the young people who have successfully completed their volunteer activities will receive a special certificate.


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