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The next “DOST khonchasi” campaign starts from today

27 february 2020, 10:26
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The next “DOST khonchasi” campaign starts from today

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population starts the next “DOST khonchasi” (Novruz Gift Basket) campaign on the eve of Novruz holiday.

This action held last year for the first time was met with great interest by the public. In a little while, more than 120 organizations and celebrities had joined the campaign, which continuing to the holiday and expanding day by day.

This is an indicator of rich spiritual world of our people, commitment to high values of Novruz holiday, respect and care for the elderly.

“DOST khonchasi” campaign is aimed at visiting the lonely and elderly people, people from vulnerable groups, low-income families and to celebrate the holiday with them, share holiday mood with them in a friendly atmosphere.

Those who join the campaign are asked to share their posts under # dostxonçası hashtag and invite their friends.

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