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Minister Sahil Babayev met with the staff of AZERTAC

29 february 2020, 15:48
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Minister Sahil Babayev met with the staff of AZERTAC

The Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population Sahil Babayev has visited Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC) to meet with its staff and congratulate them on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the agency.

The chairman of the Agency Aslan Aslanov highlighted the agency’s path of development over the past period. He drew the audience’s attention to the achievements of AZERTAC in information publishing thanks to national leader Heydar Aliyev’s special attention and President Ilham Aliyev’s comprehensive support for the Mass Media. He underlined the agency distributing information in various languages, conveys to the public the dynamic development processes in our country, as well as achievements in the social sphere.

Addressing the event, Minister Sahil Babayev noted that AZERTAC, the main source of official state information, is at the forefront of objective and professional news coverage in the country.

The minister highlighted President Ilham Aliyev’s successful social reform program, the important steps taken to improve the welfare of the population in the country. He stressed the DOST concept created on the initiative of First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva, has provided 132 services based on “single-window” principle, transparently and operatively. The Minister spoke about the importance of “E-social” portal with 16 electronic subsystems and 2 registers, the advantages of "Employment" subsystem as well.

S.Babayev said that, electronic appointment systems established last year, enable 200 thousand people to get pensions, allowances, benefits in proactive form and yearly 15 types of e-reference services enable more than 1.5 million people to get relevant references in electronic form. He also drew attention to expand the scope of active employment measures and self-employment programs in 2020, carried out works in prevention of informal employment, the targets of the Ministry.

The minister emphasized the constant, consistent and professional activities of AZERTAC in raising public awareness of ongoing social reforms and the achievements made in this sphere. Noted that, AZERTAC plays an important role in raising public awareness of successes of President Ilham Aliyev's social policy, reforms that ensure the welfare of the population, social protection measures, active employment programs.

Congratulating the AZERTAC staff once again, the Minister Sahil Babayev wished them success in their future activities.

The minister then responded to questions from the AZERTAC employees.

The letters of appreciation were presented to a group of AZERTAC employees for their professional and fruitful activities in covering the work towards strengthening the social protection of the population and the reforms carried out in the social sphere.

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