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The presentation of new Adoption subsystem was held

3 march 2020, 13:08
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The presentation of new Adoption subsystem was held

“The children deprived of parental care and adoption” subsystem was presented at DOST Agency.

The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population Anar Karimov noted works carried out by the ministry for establishing modern, innovative, transparent and operational management in the field of adoption, as the execution of Decree of President Ilham Aliyev “Measures on improvement of management in the area of adoption” dated 10 December, 2018.

He stated that, projects of normative-legal acts in the field of adoption, including, “Rule for the adoption of children deprived of parental care and Rule for the adoption of children-citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan by foreigners and stateless persons” project were prepared in consultations with international consultant organizations, experts, NGOs. Those Rule was approved by the Presidential Decree dated 27 February,2020.

Deputy minister said “The children deprived of parental care and adoption” subsystem has been established, structural divisions to be provided management of the adoption have been established at the Ministry and DOST Agency.

A.Karimov noted that, compatibility of adoption to the benefit of the child, conditions for the development of him or her in the family which they adopted, implementation of strict control in this direction are one of the main principles of the adoption. The definite requirements, conditions related to parent-candidate, her or his family composition, incomes etc. were noted in the Rule. Simultaneously, compatibility of the child to be adopted with the parent-candidate, arranging meetings with the child at the facility not less than 40 hours per month, temporary placement of the child at the home of parent's candidate for testing purposes are intended.

The minimum age requirement related to parent-candidates (single-30, married-25), stages for a more complete assessment of parent-candidates (accounting, interview, verification of home conditions, training, adaptation, meeting at the enterprise, testing period and court), cases which do not allow adoption, concrete requirements of family income for adoption and etc were determined.

Deputy minister said the management in the area of adoption will be implemented through e-technologies. Stated that, “The children deprived of parental care and adoption” subsystem will play an important role in this area. E-accounting system of the children deprived of parental care, adopted children and parent-candidates will be conducted through this subsystem. The information on all stages of the adoption process will be submitted in the subsystem. This subsystem enables the presentation of services on adoption in electronic form.

Subsequently, the presentation was made about new subsystem and its functional capabilities.

Noted that, documents required for adoption will be obtained from information resources of state authorities not through paper carriers. This enables the objective and transparent implementation of management in the area of adoption. 

Authorities provided for in the legislation should include information about child deprived of parental care within 24 hours after his or her detection. The child will be registered as soon as the data is entered.

It was also noted that the parent-candidate can also check whether they have the right to adopt a child by entering relevant information from their personal cabinet into the assessment unit of the subsystem.

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