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Memorandum was signed among Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, Central Bank and Banks Association on cooperation in providing of assistance to organize the self-employment of vuln

11 march 2020, 15:51
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Memorandum was signed among Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, Central Bank and Banks Association on cooperation in providing of assistance to organize the self-employment of vuln

Today, the Memorandum on cooperation in providing of assistance to organize the self-employment of vulnerable groups was signed among Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, Central Bank and Banks Association. The Document aims to support President Ilham Aliyev's attempt for vulnerable groups to assist in organization of self-employment by the banks operating in the country.

At the event, governor of the Central Bank Elman Rustamov emphasized civil factor, especially social protection of the vulnerable groups is at the core of President Ilham Aliyev's policy, as well as, self-employment program serves the well-fare of vulnerable groups. He said the World Bank will also participate in expanding this important social program.

The governor of the Central Bank drawn to attention active participation in the process of socio-economic development of the country's banks. He underlined active participation of bank sector in the process of creating workplaces and solving social problems. He said today, self-employment program participants can become small, medium and even large entrepreneur in the future, thus, support for the program aims not only social but also economic.

The Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population Sahil Babayev emphasized improving effective employment opportunities in our country is one of the priorities of President Ilham Aliyev's successful socio-economic policy.

He said active employment programs have been strengthened year by year, 103 028 people in 2019, up to 15 thousand  people in two months of this year were provided with relevant work through the employment agencies of the Ministry, the number of people involved in vocational training is also increasing. The Minister drew to attention the reforms conducted in the field of employment, the provision of "Employment" subsystem to establish employment services on an innovative basis.


Noting, 38 thousand paid public works were created according to the instruction of the head of state last year, S.Babayev mentioned up to 7.3 thousand unemployed and job seekers in 2018 which more than 6.5 times compared to the previous year have been involved in self-employment program implemented on the instruction of President Ilham Aliyev. He stated that, the program had cover 10,352 people in 2019. 46 small businesses in the direction of economic activity are being developed within the program.The intensive gardening was established for up to 400 families in 2018-2019 within the «Social Gardens» project of the “Regional Development” Public Association of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The works are being conducted promoting access of 500 disabled people for small businesses on self-employment program based on a joint project with UNDP.

S.Babayev noted that, priority is given to vulnerable groups ( people with disabilities, members of the martyr's family, IDPs, members of low-income families and others) in self-employment program created conditions for access of unemployed people from vulnerable groups for employment and and small businesses. The information about program participants for ensuring transparency and public control are placed on the «E-social» portal. The number of applications for self-employment is more than 40 thousand.

The Minister said it is planned to involve 11 thousand people in the program this year. He emphasized that, by the instruction of Mr. President the cooperation with the World Bank in expanding self-employment program will be begun this year. 22 thousand people will be involved in self-employment program on “Employment Support Project in Azerbaijan” of the World Bank in 2020-2025.

S.Babayev mentioned that, a cooperation document signed today is successful result of initiative by President Ilham Aliyev about the distribution of social responsibility related to expand the self-employment program in our country, to make assistance by banks for ensuring the self-employment program of more people from vulnerable groups.Thus, as a result of the head of state's call such essential document intended banks' support for the expansion of a program with great social and economic importance is being signed.

President of the Azerbaijan Banks Association Zakir Nuriyev mentioned the importance of President Ilham Aliyev's call for private banks operating in Azerbaijan to support in expansion of self-employment program. He noted the suggestions related to the program.

Note that, the memorandum envisages cooperation in promoting self-employment. The assistance in the organization of self-employment covers providing advice and information to people with disabilities, low-income families, IDPs, as well as unemployed and jobseekers, helping in selection and organization of self-employment directions by areas of economy, preparation of business-plan, providing free use of these materials, equipment and other property in the form of contract for 2 (two) years (including the transfer of property to the ownership of the Program participants free of charge at the end of this period),conducting monitoring during this period, as well as supporting the further development of Program participants with various banking (financial) instruments.

The Ministry will present to the banks the information about vulnerable groups applied for the program. The Ministry will support the organization of appropriate trainings for program participants and will participate in processes of protection of business plans, presentation the property to program participants, monitoring of business processes.

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