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The implementation of a joint project to promote active ageing has been discussed

11 march 2020, 17:30
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The implementation of a joint project to promote active ageing has been discussed

The works in implementation of “Building society for all ages: through active ageing to promote the welfare of the elderly in Azerbaijan” project of the Ministry and UN Population Fund were discussed at DOST Agency subordinated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population.

The project created by the initiative of First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva aims to support carried out state policy in improving the welfare of the elderly, ensuring an active and healthy lifestyle, promotion of active ageing. The project to be covered 2019-2021, is being implemented in close cooperation with ASAN Service, State Statistical Committee, DOST Agency and "Third Spring" Public Union.

During the discussions, carried out works on components closely related to each other of the project were drawn to attention. To improve policy in the relevant field of pilot activities directed preparation better quality data, raising public awareness on ageing, supporting elderly to lead a healthy and independent life through social services were underlined. To promote the idea of active ageing, the awareness activities organized with the elderly, practical training and sessions organized for the elderly in Baku and regions were noted. The works of DOST Agency for the elderly, “Silver DOST” volunteer program for the elderly, the contributions of elderly to active participation in society were mentioned.

The preparation of the country's first Active Ageing Index, implementation of activities intended for the elderly (organization of computer courses, creation of audio books and electronic library, commissioning of a social call center and etc) based on the project were intended. The works on further implementation of the project were reviewed, views exchanged. It was decided to hold such discussions on a regular basis.

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