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The "DOST Volunteer" program goes to the regions

27 october 2023, 12:08
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As part of the “Distant DOST” subprogram of the “DOST Volunteer” program of the DOST Agency, a micro-project “Virtual Social School” is being launched. As part of the project, trainings will be conducted by volunteer trainers in the area of “Social work” for the youth of the region. Those who are confident in their knowledge and skills can join the project as a volunteer trainer.

People active in the social sphere and wishing to transfer their knowledge and skills in this direction to the youth of the region can register by clicking on the link below.

The goal of the micro-project is to increase the social activity of young people living in the region, to explain to young people the essence of social work, and also to train them in working with people from vulnerable groups. The project is organized by the "DOST Volunteer" program in partnership with the Youth Development and Career Center and the Union of Voluntary Organizations of Azerbaijan.

It is worth noting that the last day for registration of coaches is November 8th. After this, registration will be activated for those wishing to join the project as a participant and additional information will be provided.

For registration:


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