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A new record in DOST centers

15 november 2023, 12:20
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A new record in DOST centers

A record number of citizen appeals were registered at DOST centers. On November 14, a total of 5,743 citizens applied to the centers. This indicator is the highest result ever recorded in DOST centers.

During the day, 992 people contacted to Baku DOST Center No. 1, Baku Dost Center No. 2 558 people, Baku Dost Center No. 3 1646 people, Baku Dost Center No. 4 995 people, Baku DOST Center No. 5 439 people, Absheron DOST Center 761 people, Karabakh Regional DOST Center 352 people.

Appeals were mainly related to social benefits (24.99 %), employment (21.45 %), pension (19.12 %), disability (5.05 %), social service (3.99 %), single coordination center (2.77 %), labor relations (0.85 %) and was related to auxiliary services (21.78%).

Currently, there are 7 DOST Centers across the country, as well as a Smart DOST station in Agalı village of Zangilan district. More than 1.8 million citizens have been served in these centers so far. The satisfaction level of citizens with DOST services is 98.1 percent.

A new record in DOST centers

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