Asan Aç

One-time benefits

  • Annual benefit for treatment of victims of radiation accidents; (300 manat)
  • Childbirth benefit; (500 manat)
  • Funeral benefit
    • lifetime benefits for civil servants;
    • old age benefits;
    • disability benefits;
    • benefit for the loss of the head of the family.

      Note: In case of death of a pensioner, his family is paid a funeral benefit in the amount of three times the minimum amount of the pension on the date of the pensioner's death, and in other cases in the amount of 500 manats.

  • Benefit for persons in need of medical and social assistance who have been released from serving a sentence (upon presentation of a certificate issued by penitentiary institutions to persons who have been released from serving sentences of imprisonment for a certain period of time and life imprisonment on the grounds established by law); (in the amount of 4 times of the minimum wage)

  • Benefit for the support of basic financial conditions for a specialist working in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan (taking into account Article 21-1 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in case of an employment contract concluded for a period of at least one year to work in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan); (600 manats)


Benefits are paid in full and only in non-cash manner.

Benefits assigned to persons living in social service institutions are paid to them in full.

Benefits to prisoners in penitentiaries and places of detention shall be paid in full, unless otherwise decided by a court.

The amount of unpaid benefits for the previous period is paid regardless of the term.

Funeral benefits in connection with the death of a beneficiary shall be paid to persons who have incurred funeral expenses.

The amount of benefits to be paid to the recipient and not received in connection with his death shall be paid in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In case of suspension of payment of social benefits, the person receiving benefits or his / her family members shall be obliged to inform the body awarding benefits within 5 days.

Electronic services related to the appointment of benefits are provided through the centralized electronic information system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

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