Asan Aç

Making an application for targeted state social assistance

An adult and able-bodied person representing the family (in the absence of such a person, a non-family guardian, trustee) or an authorized person may apply for social assistance. To apply, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of family composition and an application from a notary on the basis of the consent of family members.When the application is made by a representative, a copy of the document confirming that the person is a guardian (guardian) or patron (assistant) must be attached to the certificate.

The person representing the family specified in the application for approved representation shall use the electronic service "submitting an application for social assistance" placed on the "e-social" internet portals of the "Electronic Government" or the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - the Ministry). By filling out the "application-declaration" (attachment No. 2) it is sent to the subsystem "Targeted assistance" (VEMTAS) of the Centralized electronic information system of the Ministry.

After the application sent in electronic form is registered on the same day, a notification about the registration date and number of the application (Appendix No. 3) is sent by VEMTAS to the user's screen and to one of the feedback means mentioned by the Representative in the "Application-Declaration" within 3 (three) days. The date of registration of the application is considered the day when the family applied for social assistance.


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