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Reception of applications for socio-pedagogical services Providing socio-psychological services

What is the main purpose of socio-pedagogical service?

The main purpose of social and pedagogical services is to promote the development of children, adolescents and youth in the social environment, the interaction of family and environment, social adaptation, training, education and development of the individual.


What are the main responsibilities in the provision of social and pedagogical services?

Determining the level of interests and needs, difficulties and problems, behavior, social security and adaptation of minors;

Provide timely social assistance and support to minors in need;

Taking measures for the social protection of minors, the exercise of their rights and freedoms;

Interact with parents and social services to help minors.


What are the main directions of social and pedagogical service?

To assist the families of the applicants in solving problems related to education, upbringing and child care;

To help the child to eliminate the reasons that negatively affect his mastering of lessons and going to school;

Recognize, investigate and find solutions to conflicts, problems and difficult life situations that affect the interests of the child in the early stages of development to prevent serious complications;

Individual lessons of children and parents on problematic situations, conflicts, issues of raising children in the family;

To identify the wishes and needs of children and help to direct them to the specialists of relevant institutions and organizations, to solve specific issues;

Provide comprehensive preventive and developmental assistance to children with developmental disorders and provide pedagogical support to their parents (legal guardians);

Implementation of measures related to the development of physical and mental abilities of the child in accordance with the existing potential and interests;

Improving the child's skills in labor, self-care, behavior at home and in public places, self-control, communication and other areas of life;

Development of children's habits and skills necessary for daily life, large and small motor skills, communication and cognitive skills;

Assisting children in acquiring basic knowledge, education or a profession in accordance with their health and mental abilities;

Development of plans and programs in various fields;Promoting and clarifying children's rights and responsibilities to families.


What are the functions of a social educator?

Education - a specialist has a pedagogical impact on the behavior and activities of children and adults, promotes the training and education of all social institutions in the field of their professional influence: through the family, educational institutions, work teams, media, organizations and public associations;

Diagnostics - as a specialist, by conducting diagnostic work, studies the psychological and age-related characteristics, abilities and interests of a person, looks at the social environment, living conditions, identifies positive or negative effects, problems;

Organizational - specialist organizes one or another social activity of children and adults, assists in issues of employment, vocational guidance and adaptation, coordinates the activities of youth and youth associations, medical, educational, cultural, sports, law enforcement agencies, societies and charitable organizations ensures the implementation of plans, projects and programs;

Predictor - a specialist develops a socio-pedagogical program for the development of the child's personality, develops a scheme and algorithm for solving certain socio-pedagogical problems;Preventive - ensures the protection of human rights in society, helps adolescents and young people in choosing a profession and defining their place in society;

Mediation - the specialist creates a link between the family, the educational institution, the environment, the authorities in the best interests of the child.


What does the social-psychological service mean?

Socio-psychological service is a service provided to citizens who are in a state of stress, depression, adaptation and socialization, in need of psychological support in the social life, in the development of personality.


What is the main purpose of providing social and psychological services?

The main goal is to ensure the satisfaction of citizens, to meet their spiritual needs by revealing their inner potential and to help them become valuable individuals for society.


What are the main tasks in the provision of social and psychological services?

Identification of citizens in need of social and psychological assistance, people with various psycho-social and physical traumas, including people with disabilities, people in need of social adaptation, victims of human trafficking, children with learning and learning disabilities, socio-psychological consultations with adolescents, preventive talks is one of the main tasks facing the socio-psychological service.


You need to know

One of the main tasks of the socio-psychological service is to conduct psychoprophylactic, psycho-consultative conversations with the staff of the center in case of need, as well as to conduct trainings on various topics, to provide training advice.

The following research methods and techniques are used in social pedagogy:

General logic

General science



Psychological methods

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