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Issuance of applications for the involvement of citizens in paid public works

Landscaping of the city, district, streets, parks and squares

Repair and construction of roads and bridges, heating and boiler systems

Work related to assistance to agricultural enterprises

Construction and repair work at facilities belonging to the social sphere and other socially important work


What is the purpose of paid public works? 

Paid public works are organized in order to provide temporary employment of unemployed people, as well as job seekers, provided that no more than 20% of unemployed people are involved in paid public works during the year in the relevant administrative territorial unit.


Are there any educational or professional requirements for the people intending to participate in paid social work?

Paid public works are socially useful jobs not requiring basic vocational training.


Who can apply for paid public works?

Individuals registered with the Employment Subsystem (ESS) as unemployed and job seekers can apply for paid community service.


What period are the paid public works organized for?

Paid public works, as a rule, are organized for a period of up to 2 months. This period can be extended if necessary.


What information is reflected in the contract concluded between the enterprise and the centers participation of which in paid public works is determined? 

The agreement signed between the parties shall specify the number of unemployed persons, place, name, volume, duration of work to be performed, total salary amount, distribution of this amount between the enterprise and the center, as well as other obligations of the parties.

Is an employment contract concluded with a person intending to participate in paid public works? 

A fixed-term employment contract shall be concluded between unemployed persons and employers intending to participate in paid public works in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 


Application for participation in paid public works

 Citizens apply to the local offices of the State Employment Agency and (or) "DOST" centers under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population in the region of their registration. The applicant gets registered in the Employment Subsystem (ESS) and accepts an e-referral. 


What should the applicant do as a next step after receiving a referral to participate in paid public works? 

After the decision to hire individuals is posted in the system electronically, an employment contract is concluded with him. 


What services are provided to citizens participating in paid public works and whose employment contracts have expired? 

If an unemployed person is not provided with a permanent job, he / she may be re-sent to public works by local bodies of the State Employment Agency and (or) "DOST" centers under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan or may be offered a new profession. 


Which legislation regulates the activities of the people involved in paid public works? 

The activities of these people are regulated by the Law on Unemployment Insurance, the Law on Social Insurance and the Labor Code. 


What are the obligations of enterprises entering into fixed-term employment contracts with people involved in paid public works? 

Enterprises are responsible for employment legislation, remuneration, protection and safety regulations, and the efficient use of labor. 


Is the employee's length of service in paid public works included in his / her total length of service? 

The employee's length of service in paid public works shall be duly registered in the employment record book and included in the total length of service. 


How are the working hours of employees in paid public works regulated? 

It is regulated in accordance with the current labor legislation. Are the paid social employees entitled for social security? 


Are paid public workers entitled to social security?

These employees are covered by all social benefits, including the right to receive a pension and temporary disability benefits.


You need to know

The refusal of an unemployed person to participate in paid public works shall not be considered as his refusal to take a suitable job. 

Unemployed persons not receiving unemployment insurance benefits have a preemptive right to conclude an employment contract among employees involved in paid public works. 

Proposals on socially important areas, specific enterprises, departments and organizations are prepared each year for public works to be organized for the next year, and after discussion in the local coordination committees, they are included in the territorial employment program. 

The Territorial Employment Program is approved annually by local executive authorities.


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