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Providing professional consulting

Who are the target groups of the career counseling service?

Youth (students and pupils of educational institutions, as well as their parents);

Job seekers and unemployed people.


What are the directions of career counseling service?

Conduct interviews and tests;

Choose a profession and specialty;

To form professional interests.


What are the main qualities preferred in choosing a profession and specialty during career counseling?

When career counseling is provided, the education, skills and personal qualities of the beneficiary are deemed as prior.


Which organization organizes career guidance services?

Counseling services for job seekers and unemployed persons are organized by local bodies of the State Employment Agency and (or) "DOST" Centers under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Who provides career guidance?

Basing on the agreement concluded with the DOST Centers or the State Employment Agency, legal entities specializing in this field provide consulting services to young people, students and pupils of educational institutions, their parents as well as other persons.


What are the directions of career counseling services?

Information on the current state of the labor market and the most popular professions and specialties in the labor market;

Informing about the opportunities for employment or vocational training in the existing profession and specialty;

Assistance to the unemployed in choosing a job and profession based on the needs of the labor market, taking into account the socio-psychological characteristics, profession, knowledge, skills and abilities, health status.


How is a career counseling service organized for job seekers or unemployed people?

Provides information on career opportunities, labor market and professions;

Focuses on career choice;

Involved in psychometric tests;

Behavior methods in the labor market are taught.


How is a career counseling service organized for students and pupils of educational institutions?

Information on professions is provided;

Meetings with professionals are held in schools or industries;

Job search games, trainings and competitions are held for students;

Excursions to the production area are organized;

Various camps and clubs for children and youth are organized

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