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Issue of references

Issuance of certificates on the activities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection


In what directions are certificates issued?


What types of e-references are available?

Within the framework of the Ministry's program of electronic services to the population, 31 types of e-reference services were prepared and put into operation. These are:

 On employment:

• About the workplace
• About employment
• Being a person who has received unemployment insurance payments
• Being involved in vocational training
• About assets acquired under the self-employment program
• Being a participant in a self-employment program
• About lump sum payment 

On labor pension:

• About retirement 

On social benefits and pensions:

• About benefits and pensions
• About being a member of the National Hero’s family
• About being a member of the martyr's family
• About having an honorary title
• Being a caregiver for people with disabilities
• Provision of a lump sum payment as heir of a martyr

On disability and health disabilities:

• About the examination conducted by the Medical Social Expert Commission
• About disability
• Being a caregiver for children with disabilities
• Presence of a person with an industrial injury
• Being a person involved in rehabilitation activities 

On social services:

• About being a person provided with a sanatorium-resort voucher
• About being in a social shelter
• About the social car
• About housing security
• About being a labor veteran
• About financial aid

On targeted state social assistance:

• About targeted social assistance
• About targeted social assistance payments

On social insurance:

• About individual personal account
• About the land share owner
• About the number of the social insurance certificate

On adoption:·     

About adoption 

How to get references in the mentioned directions? 

References can be obtained from the personal account by registering on the portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan. If it is not possible to obtain a certificate in electronic form, the certificates can be obtained from the DOST centers at the applicant's place of residence, and in regions where DOST centers do not operate, from the structural units of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

How to register on portal?

 With user’s identification number 

It is possible to complete the registration online by applying directly to the service without applying to any service point.Select the "Register" button and enter the FIN, MYI or VIN code of your card and your mobile number in your name.Then complete the registration by entering the activation code on your mobile phone in the appropriate field and setting your password. 

FIN of ID card 

FIN of a new type of ID card 

FIN of temporary residence permit  

With ASAN Imza

You can apply to Azercell, Bakcell or Nar Customer Service Centers to get an easy signature. 

With electronic signature

To get an electronic signature, you can apply to the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, as well as order online at

With SIMA signature

SIMA is a cloud-based version of an electronic signature. This solution combines facial recognition and public key technology (electronic signature solution). You can download SIMA from "Google Play Store" and "Apple App Store" and register.

You need to know:

References are provided free of charge by "DOST" centers.


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