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Pension related services

General information on the restoration or recalculation of previously assigned pensions:

The pension rights earned by an insured person (excluding those having been awarded a labor pension) before January 1, 2006 are taken into account in their individual accounts by converting them into pension capital. In this case, for each year of the total length of service for that period, AZN 306 (in case of incomplete year, this amount is calculated in proportion to the number of months of service in the incomplete year) is calculated pension capital and recorded in the insurance part of individual accounts of the insured on January 1, 2006.

Retirement capital accumulated and unused (not taken into account in the calculation of the insurance part of the labor pension) of the insured, including working pensioners for the period from January 1, 2006 to July 1, 2017, increased by 80% and registered in the insurance part of the personal account as of July 1, 2017.

The insurance part of the labor pension is indexed once a year by the decision of the relevant executive authority in accordance with the annual growth rate of the average monthly nominal salary in the country determined by the relevant executive authority. When the insurance part of the labor pension of some categories of persons is increased or recalculated in accordance with the indexation, the amount of additions to the labor pension for length of service is recalculated by reducing it to those increases. In case of subsequent increase of the monthly salary (salary, state salary, security expenses) for the positions held by these persons, the supplements to the labor pension shall be recalculated according to the length of service, taking into account these increases.

The labor pension for disability as a result of a general illness shall be restored not later than five years from the date of termination of the disability pension due to the expiration of the disability period. If a disability occurs again after more than 5 years, the disability pension is determined on a general basis.

Restoration of a previously established disability pension for other reasons is not limited in time. After collecting the required documents, apply to the relevant "DOST" center or the structural unit of the State Social Protection Fund for registration.


List of the required documents:

An identity card or civil passport and in the case of foreigners and stateless persons, a permit giving the right to permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijanvəsiqəsi


Documents confirming general work (insurance) experience:

Work book;

Copy of military ID or reference from State Service for Mobilization and Conscriptionr;

Document comfirming full-time education.


MSEC decision determining a person's disability or restriction of health.

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