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Admission of young people with disabilities to vocational rehabilitation centers

General information about the enterprise

Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities under the Agency for Social Services under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan Organization of vocational training and vocational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities aged 15-29 with physical and mild mental and mental disorders Address: Baku city, Sabunchu district, Ramana settlement, G.Garayev street 14.


Who is admitted to the center?

The center admits people with disabilities aged 15-29 with physical and mild mental disorders.


Who cannot be admitted to the center?

Persons admitted to the Center with a mental or intellectual disorder or infectious disease that may endanger the life and health of other persons are not admitted to the Center.


How is admission to the center carried out?

Admission of persons to the Center by their or their relatives, legal representatives (guardians, trustees), municipalities, non-governmental organizations, as well as other persons with the consent of these persons by submitting an application to the Social Services Agency or "DOST" centers under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is carried out on request.


The list of the required documents

ID Card 


Medical certificate of the person's health, indicating the absence of carriers of infectious diseases and mental health status


Relevant certificate on the persons registered at the place of residence of the person


2 photos of 3 x 4 size


Extract from the decision of the medical and social expert commission on the assessment of personal disability (this document is required if it is not possible to obtain in electronic form from electronic information resources)


Services provided in the center

 The center provides the following social services to people with disabilities and health disabilities:

To organize first aid to individuals, to provide medical advice, as well as to ensure the placement of people in need in treatment and prevention facilities;


You have to know

Vocational training is organized in the center in groups of 6-8 people. Due to the complexity of subject programs in some professions, classes in those professions can be conducted individually.

Persons involved in vocational training are expelled from the Center if they miss classes for more than 10 days during the course without a valid reason. If during the first 30 (thirty) days of a person's involvement in vocational training it is determined that his physical condition and perceptual abilities do not correspond to the chosen profession, he may be transferred to another profession on the recommendation of the head of vocational training and a doctor.

The center can organize national, as well as international competitions, exhibitions and competitions for people with disabilities and children with disabilities.

The same person is admitted to the center only once for one profession. Apply after two years to get a new vocational training.

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