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Issuance of the title and certificate of "Labor Veteran"

Issuance of the title and certificate of "Labor Veteran"

Title and certificate of a labor veteran According to the Regulations approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 22, 1995 No. 216 "On the procedure and conditions of awarding the titles of war veteran, armed forces and labor veteran" awarded to citizens who have been engaged in public work for many years (men with more than 40 years, women with more than 30 years of work experience).


Who is given the title and certificate of "Labor veteran"?

The title of a labor veteran and a veteran's card are issued to the following persons who have been entitled to an old-age pension:


A person wishing to receive the title of "labor veteran" applies to his / her place of work with an application and these supporting documents to obtain that title. If that person does not work, he / she applies for the last job.

The application and other necessary documents shall be submitted to the commissions established in the relevant executive bodies for consideration and the relevant decision shall be made based on the opinion of the commission.

In case of liquidation of the enterprise, if the place of work is a non-state enterprise and in other cases, the title and certificate of “Labor Veteran” shall be issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 


The list of the required documents

ID Card 


Reference of labor retiree on age


Copy of workbook


2 photos of 3 x 4 size




Description of the certificate

The certificate of labor veteran  consists of a 7 cm x 19.5 cm cover. The certificate is green, on top of which is a graphic description of the state emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan, below the words "Labor Veteran of the Republic of Azerbaijan" in gold.

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