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Sanatorium - resort vouchers

What is a sanatorium-resort voucher?

Sanatorium - a resort voucher (permit) is a valuable document provided by the state for sanatorium-resort treatment and recreation of privileged persons in sanatoriums and resorts.


Who are considered privileged persons to be provided with sanatorium-resort vouchers by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population?

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 128 dated August 12, 2002, the following persons are considered to be privileged persons to be provided with sanatorium-resort vouchers (vouchers) by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population:

- Persons with non-working disabilities

- Children with disabilities

- Participants of World War II

- Persons who are members of the family of a martyr

- Unemployed citizens who took part in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident in the resettlement zone

- Children brought up in the guardian's (guardian's) family, state and non-state institutions, orphans and deprived of parental care

- Citizens injured in rescue and medical care in emergencies.


What is necessary to do to get a voucher?

In order to obtain a voucher (permit), privileged persons apply to the structural unit of the Agency for Social Services or "DOST" centers under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the place of residence.


List of the required documents

ID Card


Relevant document confirming being a privileged person *


Instructions for sanatorium-resort treatment compiled by the Medical-Social Expert Commissionər


Sanatorium-resort card from the field polyclinic according to the treatment profile**


* 1. For persons with disabilities, an extract of the result of the medical and social expert examination that determines the person's disability; (If information about a person's disability cannot be obtained from the "Disability" subsystem)
2. Martyr's family member card for martyrs' families.

** Must be submitted by family members of the martyr.

How is the process of issuing vouchers regulated?

Vouchers are issued on a rotating basis. The citizen is taken to the queue from the day he submits the mentioned documents to the Social Services Agency or the "DOST" center, and when it is his turn, he is contacted and informed about it.

You need to know

If a person with 81-100 percent body disfunction due to disability or a child with disabilities needs an escort, the words “needs an escort” shall be written on the sanatorium-resort card issued by the medical institution, and the person and his / her accompanying person shall be provided with a separate voucher.

Upon return, the person using the voucher (voucher) shall submit to the relevant institution or "DOST" center issuing a sanatorium-resort voucher (voucher) for the purpose of registration of the "return" coupon issued to him by the department, enterprise, organization and body where he was treated or rested. must submit to the center. This coupon is kept as a document confirming the use of the ticket.



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