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Disability pension

Disability pension is determined in connection with the restriction of the insured's ability to work due to mental or physical defects caused by illness or injury.

Insurance experience for persons with first degree disability is 5 years, insurance experience is 4 months for each full year of working age.

Persons with disabilities of II and III degrees are awarded a disability pension with a total insurance experience of not less than 5 years and 4 months of insurance experience for each full year of working age.
A disability pension is granted for a period of disability determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population on the basis of an application by a person entitled to it, and throughout life for persons who have reached retirement age.

Assessment of a person's disability is carried out by medical advisory commissions or military medical commissions of medical institutions that have the right to refer for medical and social examination on the basis of referral to medical and social examination included in the "Register of referrals to medical and social expert commission".

Once a disability is determined, the disability pension is determined automatically. Bank card is ordered automatically.

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