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To promote sustainable growth by ensuring the access to technologies and knowledge, as well as to promote the rights of vulnerable groups Agency cooperates with international institutions such as ILO, UNFPA, UNDP, ISSA, ESN and others.



Cooperation with UNFPA

Third component of the joint project of UNFPA and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the “Building society for all ages: promoting wellbeing of the elderly persons in Azerbaijan through active ageing” is implementing with the DOST Agency. Activities are based on the integrated social services for aged people:

  • To provide counseling services for older persons regarding all areas of social protection/social security, educate and empower older persons in the effective use of new technologies; ensure they have the most current, reliable and unbiased information available on long-term care options and services;
  • To benefit from elderlies’ advisory and consultancy services based on their institutional and intellectual memories.

As a result of project activities, more than 19 000 audience covered and more than 1000 young people were certified with participation of 46 elder persons promoting active aging through sharing their experiences by various interactive initiatives (video tutorials, webinars), 1050 persons were provided with ITC literacy trainings.


Cooperation with UNDP in Azerbaijan
“The first “Inclusive Art School” in Azerbaijan was established with UNDP Azerbaijan in the premises of the 4th Baku DOST Center. The project aims to complement the Government efforts to provide, respect and fulfil the rights, ensure inclusiveness and accessibility for disabled people, with specific focus on women and war veterans of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, through the series of interrelated activities. To ensure sustainability of project, DOST provides information and organizational support with premises, mobilized volunteers to support PWD, incur expenses on cleaning, maintenance, electricity, security, internet”. 

DOST Agency has the opportunity to place information about the unique DOST model on the South-South Galaxy platform (political, economic, social, cultural, environmental and technical spheres of cooperation between Asian countries) of the United Nations (UN) and is in the process of preparing the information in the appropriate format.

Cooperation with the International Social Security Association (ISSA)

DOST Agency has been working closely with ISSA since its inception. Currently, work is underway in two main areas:

ISSA Good Practice Award

The ISSA Best Practice Award recognizes the success and responsible work of social security institutions and encourages them to present the best form of social security. The Awards, held every three years as part of the Regional Social Security Forum for each region, provide an invaluable opportunity for member organizations to present their initiatives and learn from the experience of other countries. The ISSA Best Practice Award presents 4 very important products: Winning Country Experience, Quality Certificate with Special Jury Note, Quality Certificate and Certification.

ISSA Best Practice Award 2022

DOST Agency, which participated in the competition with the applications "Citizen Satisfaction Monitoring System", "DOST Agency: for dignity and equal rights" and "DOST: Social Protection of Persons Over 65", won the "Best Practice Award for Europe - 2022".

Cooperation with ADA University

In order to establish mutually beneficial relations, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the institutions on 21.01.2021. Based on the signed document, training and teaching, practice, research, international recognition and implementation of joint projects are carried out in order to contribute to the development of relations between the public sector and the University using the existing infrastructure and expert base of the University and the Agency.

Cooperation with ESN

Since March 2021 DOST Agency has become a Council Member of European Social Network (ESN). The mission of the ESN is to develop the exchange of information in the field of public social services with health, education, employment and social inclusion to benefit people and communities through improved policies and practices.

The Agency has closely cooperated with organization since its establishment and intends to achieve future joint accomplishment during the membership. The Agency intensively participate in various events, conferences and international discussions of ESN in the field of social security services. ESN provides wide platforms to promote DOST concept and improve service provision by learning other countries’ experiences.
DOST Agency was included in the list of finalists in the European Social Network Award (ESA) in August 2020 with the application "Life with Truth and Dignity - More than Life". Also, in 2021, the Agency won the status of a finalist in 2 different categories, such as "Outstanding Team" and "Technology Tools" in the competition. In the competition, DOST Agency was awarded the European Social Services Award for the application of the smart model in social services in the "Technology Tools" category, and the DOST Volunteer team was shortlisted for the European Social Services Award in the "Outstanding team" category.


Cooperation with International Labour Organization (ILO) 

Cooperation between local representatives and foreign experts of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and DOST Agency began in September 2020, and joint participation in various meetings and events was carried out. Currently, ILO and DOST Agency are discussing in DOST services’ peer-review and mediation issue.


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