Asan Aç


Third component of the joint project of UNFPA and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the “Building society for all ages: promoting wellbeing of the elderly persons in Azerbaijan through active ageing”

UNFPA and the Agency jointly implement below listed activities based on the “Integrated social services for aged people”

  • To provide counseling services for older persons regarding all areas of social protection/social security, educate and empower older persons in the effective use of new technologies; ensure they have the most current, reliable and unbiased information available on long-term care options and services;

  • To benefit from elderlies’ advisory and consultancy services based on their institutional and intellectual memories.

 Cooperation between the Sustainable and Operational Social Provision Agency and the European Social Network

The mission of the European Social Network (ESS) is to develop the exchange of information in the field of public social services with health, education, employment and social inclusion to benefit people and communities through improved policies and practices.
DOST Agency has been a member of the Council since March 2021. The Agency has been in close contact with the organization before membership and intends to achieve greater joint achievements during membership. The Agency will closely participate in all events, conferences and international discussions in the field of social security services to be held as a member of the organization, and through this will be able to introduce the DOST experience to the world. As a member, DOST will use its experience to contribute to improving the provision of social security services in other countries.

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