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"DOST Mediation Space" began to operate

26 january 2023, 16:15
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"DOST Mediation Space" has started functioning in the newly opened Baku DOST Center No. 5. In this regard, a familiarization and information meeting was organized at the Center for mediation.

At the meeting, Mediation Council representatives and media representatives were given detailed information about the mediation procedure.

Receiving applications for labor disputes, conducting mediation sessions, etc. processes are explained. Later, certificates were presented to the employees who successfully completed the functional training held together with the Mediation Council.

It was noted that mediation is a way of resolving disputes outside of court. Disputes between the parties are resolved through the mediation of a mediator on the basis of mutual agreement, in accordance with the law. Parties can reach a settlement of disputes without a court proceeding.

Mediation services for disputes related to labor relations will be provided at Baku DOST Center No. 5. Citizens can apply to all DOST centers to benefit from these services of the center, as well as to complete the necessary documents before applying to the court for disputes related to labor relations.

Services are provided in accordance with the cooperation document signed between the DOST Agency and the Mediation Council.

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