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The next meeting of the Board of DOST Agency was held

10 february 2023, 12:59
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The next meeting of the Board of DOST Agency was held

The next meeting of the Board of the Sustainable and Operative Social Provision Agency (DOST) was held. The issues on the Agency's agenda were discussed at the meeting held in online format.

Natig Gachayev, head of the Service Monitoring Department of the DOST Services Department, presented for the approval of the Board  "Procedure on the Normative Provision of DOST Centers with Technological Equipment", "Procedure on the Provision of Home (Mobile) Social Services by DOST Centers" and "Procedure on the Activities of Social Workers of DOST Centers".

Aydan Salifova, deputy head of the legal department, made a report on the "Integrated Management System (IMS) and the procedure for monitoring the execution of legal acts", as well as the approval of the Regulations of some departments of the Agency.

Nail Mammadov, the lead specialist of the Department of Organization of Social Protection Services of the Department of DOST Services, presented a report on the results of the activities of "DOST" centers for January 2023.

In the end, the Chairman of the Board, Farid Mammadov, expressed his opinion on the discussed topics and gave relevant tasks in this direction.

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