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There were 84,100 applications to the "DOST Volunteer " program in the past period,and 3,100 people participated in the program

6 march 2023, 17:31
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There were 84,100 applications to the

About 6,000 more applications were made to the "DOST Volunteer" program of the DOST Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population this year and 232 more people were involved in the program.

"DOST Volunteer" program consists of "Young DOST", "Silver DOST", "Corporate DOST", "Inclusive DOST" and "Distant DOST" subprograms.

DOST volunteers welcome citizens in DOST centers, provide information, direct them to service windows and provide support in other tasks.

DOST Agency and the first DOST center were opened in May 2019. Since then, there have been 84,100 applications to the "DOST Volunteer" program. The number of participants in the program was 3.1 thousand people.

There were 84,100 applications to the

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