Asan Aç

"Seniors' Club" was created for people who receive social services at home

7 march 2023, 17:36
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"Seniors' Club" was created for lonely elderly people and persons with disabilities, who are provided with home (mobile) social services by DOST centers. The goal is to attract people from this category to social activity, to spend their free time effectively and to create conditions for sharing their experiences.

The first meeting of the Club was held at Baku DOST Center No. 5. Many issues were discussed and various proposals were made at the event attended by people provided with social services by DOST centers.

It was decided to involve specialists in various fields, including psychologists, representatives of public health (on food, on healthy lifestyle, etc.) to the future meetings of the "Senors' Club". At the same time, within the framework of the Club, it is planned to organize vocational orientation meetings with young people in order to share the experiences of the elderly in their fields.

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