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"DOST to DOST" project has started again

6 april 2023, 11:17
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The "DOST to DOST" (D2D) project of the "DOST Volunteer" program of the DOST Agency has been launched again. Within the framework of the project, a training package called "Debate - in civil society" was launched for volunteers.

On the first day of the training organized by the National Debate Program of the "Debate in Civil Society" (DCS) Public Union, organized by the "DOST Volunteer" program, "What is Debate?" seminar was organized. The volunteers were given detailed information about the training program at the seminar held by the chairman of DCS, presidential grant receiver Ulviyya Akhundova.

Within the framework of the training package, it is planned to hold speaker trainings, team work and training effectiveness, as well as simulations for the purpose of developing the speaking skills of volunteers.

It should be noted that the main goal of the implementation of the "DOST to DOST" training program is to support the personal development of young people, as well as to ensure the efficient organization of their free time.

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