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A meeting of the Board of DOST Agency was held

12 april 2023, 11:07
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A meeting of the Board of DOST Agency was held

The next meeting of the Board of the Sustainable and Operative Social Provision Agency (DOST) was held. The issues on the Agency's agenda were discussed at the meeting held in online format.

Vafa Mamedova, head of the internal audit section of the internal control and audit department, presented the "Procedure on video (camera) control and security equipment" to the Board for approval. Aydan Salifova, the deputy head of the legal department, made a report on the approval of the "Procedure on official uniforms and items in the Sustainable and Operative Social Security Agency". Leyla Huseynova, head of the human resources management department, presented the "Procedure for the adaptation of newly hired employees", the "Procedure for the promotion of colleagues" and the "Job instruction form" for each position to the Board of Directors for approval.

Later, Tunzala Huseynova, the leading specialist of the Department of Labor and Employment Services of the DOST Services Department, presented a report on the results of the activities of the "DOST" centers for March 2023.

In the end, the Chairman of the Management Board, Farid Mammadov, expressed his opinion on the discussed topics and gave relevant tasks in this direction.

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