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The DOST model will be applied in Moldova

31 august 2023, 13:57
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The DOST model will be applied in Moldova

The model (concept) of DOST will be implemented in the Republic of Moldova. This was announced at the board meeting of the DOST Agency.
At the meeting chaired by the Chairman of the Board of the Agency Farid Mammadov, it was noted that a working group had been formed in this direction in accordance with the action plan signed between the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Moldova. As part of the exchange of experience between the DOST Agency and the National Social Insurance Fund, the agency responsible for the social security of Moldova, several online meetings have so far been held within the framework of the working group, as well as with the participation of representatives of Moldova.

The head of the legal department of DOST Agency, Azer Rahimov, made a presentation on the activities of the working group created to implement the model (concept) of DOST centers in the Republic of Moldova.

It was noted that intensive work is underway to analyze the services of the National Office of Social Insurance for 85 titles provided by Moldova. A concept paper is currently under development along the main lines agreed by the working group, and the final paper is expected to be submitted by November.

At the meeting, Narmina Kamal, the leadi specialist of the analysis division of the finance and accounting department, and Nurlan Namazly, the chief specialist of the procurement division of the procurement and supply department, presented reports on the financial and economic activities of the DOST Agency.

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