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A person (family) in a difficult living conditions

Difficult living conditions - a case in which, in accordance with Article 1.0.2 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Social Services", a person (family) has conditions which objectively disrupts life and can not be eliminated alone, creates basis for getting social care.

According to Article 7 of this Law, there are the following grounds for considering a person (family) in difficult living conditions:

  1. loss of parents or deprivation of parental care;
  2. limited health capabilites for children;
  3. neglect or socially dangerous situation of minors;
  4. lack of ability to self-care due to illness, disability or old age, as well as able-bodied relatives or legal representatives who can provide care and assistance to the person (family). Absence of relatives who can provide care and assistance to persons who are unable to take care of themselves due to illness, disability or old age shall be determined by the relevant executive authority in accordance with the procedure approved by the relevant executive authority;
  5. restriction of a person's life activity due to a socially dangerous disease;
  6. being a victim of human trafficking;
  7. suffering from domestic violence;
  8. lack of a certain place of residence;
  9. persons who have lived in social service institutions due to the loss of their parents or loss of parental care, and the absence of a place of residence after leaving those institutions;
  10. the person is in a state of social maladaptation (maladaptation) and social deprivation (deprivation).


The rights of a person (family) in difficult living conditions

  • to apply for social services;
  • to receive information on the possibility, procedure and conditions of providing social services, forms and types of social services, as well as their rights and responsibilities;
  • to participate in the identification and assessment of the need for social services;
  • to choose an enterprise providing social services, taking into account the nature of the demand for social services;
  • to consent to the provision of social services or to refuse to provide social services;
  • to demand respect for the honor and dignity and humane treatment of social service providers, as well as to complain about their actions (inaction) in an administrative and (or) judicial manner;
  • to be provided with conditions meeting sanitary-hygienic requirements in social service institutions;
  • to be provided with a separate place for the performance of religious rites in social service institutions, provided that they do not violate the rules of internal discipline;
  • to be provided with mass media;
  • to demand the confidentiality of personal information;
  • To receive free psychological assistance in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Psychological Assistance”


The responsibilities of a person (family) in difficult living conditions are as follows:

  1. to determine the need for social services and make decisions
  2. provide complete and accurate information;
  3. to immediately inform social service providers about changes affecting the provision of social services;
  4. to comply with the internal disciplinary rules of social service institutions;
  5. to perform other duties provided by law.

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