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"Friend of the unemployed" program

On the instructions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the "Friend of the Unemployed" program was launched in early 2019, which provides a new mechanism for organizing public works. This program is implemented by DOST Job Center LLC, a subsidiary of the Sustainable and Operational Social Provision Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. The paid social work program not only provides employment for the initial unskilled labor force, but also allows them to become a labor force with knowledge and skills in various professions.

As part of the program, 38,000 people were involved in paid public works by DOST Job Center LLC. In 2020, the number of public jobs has been increased to 90,000 by the order of the President as part of work to support employment and social welfare in connection with the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. That is, in addition, last year more than 50,000 people were provided with 2 months of temporary public jobs.

Since January 2021, about 17,000 public jobs have been transferred to DOST Job Center LLC by large state enterprises. All civil-legal contracts concluded with the persons working in these cases have already been replaced by labor contracts by DOST Job Center LLC. This creates the right of these people to future labor and social security, pensions, vacations, as well as opportunities to participate in the social insurance system. Public workers have the right to leave in accordance with labor legislation.

The program of paid social work, which plays an important role in increasing employment opportunities, gives preference to citizens from socially vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities. Persons wishing to participate in paid public works shall be concluded fixed-term employment contracts in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

How to join the "Friend of the Unemployed" program?

Paid public works under the program can be applied for paid public works by persons registered as unemployed and job seekers in the "Employment" subsystem of the Centralized Electronic Information System (CEIS) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

An employment contract is concluded with that person by DOST Job Center LLC on the basis of a relevant referral from the DOST Centers or local agencies of the State Employment Agency. Each employment contract is registered in the form of a notification in the electronic information system of the Ministry on "Notice of employment contract".


What jobs are offered to unemployed people involved in the "Friend of the Unemployed" program?

For those who want to join the "Friend of the Unemployed" program are offered jobs related to improvement of cities, districts, streets, parks and squares, construction of residential areas, hospitals, schools, preschools, dormitories and boarding houses, social service institutions for the elderly and disabled, as well as other social facilities and repair work, repair and construction of roads and bridges, heating and boiler systems, assistance to agricultural enterprises, disaster relief, care for the elderly, people with disabilities, and other socially important work.



An agreement was signed between the Agrarian Development Center and DOST Job Center LLC in 2020. According to the agreement, DOST Job Center LLC has provided the Ministry of Agriculture with about 2,500 employees for the implementation of preventive measures against epizootics and the implementation of the "Electronic Agricultural Information System". In total, about 500 people were provided with jobs on the "e-agriculture" information system under the public works program.

During the post-war period, preference is given to the employment of family members of martyrs and veterans.

During the post-war period, the employment issues of 520 people were operatively resolved by DOST Work Center LLC. They are provided with paid public works on the basis of employment contracts. As part of the "Employment Marathon", about 100 people were employed by "DOST Business Center" LLC.

In order to provide additional support to the activities of the YASHAT Foundation related to the families of martyrs and veterans, "DOST Job Center" LLC provided 150 jobs. As part of the "Friend of the Unemployed" program, 150 social workers were assigned to Baku and regional ASAN Service Centers.

The paid public works program implemented by DOST Job Center LLC also covered the Military Loot Park. Thus, in order to maintain the park in accordance with sanitary and hygienic rules, to carry out regular landscaping work in the park, "DOST Job Center" LLC provided 40 jobs.

800 people are involved in the employment of the project "Let's protect nature" jointly implemented by "DOST Job Center" LLC and the State Employment Agency. The project envisages maintenance of green areas, cleaning and landscaping. At present, the number of public workers is 56,000.

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