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"Friend of the unemployed" program

On the instructions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the "Friend of the Unemployed" program was launched in early 2019, which provides a new mechanism for organizing public works. This program is implemented by DOST Job Center LLC, a subsidiary of the Sustainable and Operational Social Provision Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. The paid social work program not only provides employment for the initial unskilled labor force, but also allows them to become a labor force with knowledge and skills in various professions.

Since January 2021, about 18,000 public workplaces have been transferred to "DOST Work Center" LLC by large state enterprises. All civil-legal contracts concluded with persons working in those jobs have already been replaced by employment contracts by "DOST Work Center" LLC. This leads to the creation of future labor and social security, pension, vacation rights, as well as opportunities to participate in the social insurance system. Public employees use the right to leave in accordance with the labor legislation.

Citizens from socially vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, are given priority in the paid public works program, which plays an important role in increasing employment opportunities. In accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a fixed-term employment contract is concluded with those who wish to participate in paid public works.


How to join the "Friend of the Unemployed" program?

Paid public works under the program can be applied for paid public works by persons registered as unemployed and job seekers in the "Employment" subsystem of the Centralized Electronic Information System (CEIS) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

An employment contract is concluded with that person by DOST Job Center LLC on the basis of a relevant referral from the DOST Centers or local agencies of the State Employment Agency. Each employment contract is registered in the form of a notification in the electronic information system of the Ministry on "Notice of employment contract".



An agreement was signed between the Agrarian Development Center and DOST Job Center LLC in 2020. According to the agreement, DOST Job Center LLC has provided the Ministry of Agriculture with about 2,500 employees for the implementation of preventive measures against epizootics and the implementation of the "Electronic Agricultural Information System".

The Center has allocated 900 additional jobs for the Ministry of Agriculture from the beginning of 2022. Currently, 3,400 people in 64 districts are working in agricultural fields within the framework of the paid public works program, as well as gaining initial professional knowledge and skills in relevant fields of activity.

In general, about 600 people work on the "e-agriculture" information system under the public works program, and 2,600 people work as veterinary assistants.

In the post-war period, priority is given to the employment of martyr family members and veterans.

During the post-war period, "DOST Work Center" LLC provided social work to about 400 people under employment contracts within the framework of the "Employment Marathon".

According to the agreement signed between "DOST Work Center" LLC and "ASAN service" 70 people were involved in public works in the regional "ASAN service" centers.

150 people were employed by "DOST Work Center" LLC in order to provide additional support to the activities of the "YASHAT" Foundation related to the families of martyrs and veterans. Within the framework of the "Friend of the Unemployed" program, 150 social workers were assigned to Baku and regional "ASAN service" centers.

The paid public works program implemented by "DOST Work Center" LLC also included the Military Spoils Park. Thus, 40 people were provided with jobs for the purpose of maintaining the park in accordance with the sanitary and hygienic rules, and regularly performing current improvement works in the park area.

800 people were involved in the "Protect Nature" employment project jointly implemented by "DOST Work Center" LLC and the State Employment Agency. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to provide services to green areas, cleaning and improvement works.

In a joint project with the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Center employed 500 people in that institution and the Food Safety Institute of the Agency in order to support the performance of technical works on the Agency's activities and, at the same time, to ensure employment. Those employed are assistant inspector, driver, gardener, electrician, plumber, security guard, etc. they work in such professions.

"DOST Job Center" LLC and "Azerpocht" and "Aztelecom" LLCs under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport implemented the project. Within the framework of the project, 1,231 public workers were employed in "Azerpocht" LLC and "Aztelecom" LLC enterprises under the "Friend of the unemployed" program. began to operate. They work as postmen and operators in those institutions on the basis of labor contracts signed with "DOST Job Center" LLC. The project covers 60 districts.

Within the framework of the cooperation between "DOST Work Center" LLC and the National Archives Department, 100 people were involved in the relevant fields, taking into account the demand for manpower in the regional (city) state archives of our republic, as well as in order to support employment in the regions. Recruited persons perform archival work in state archives on the basis of an employment contract.

"DOST Job Center" LLC has launched a joint project in this area with "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" CJSC. The project envisages employment of 200 unemployed people at AzTV. People to be hired are assistant operator assistant, assistant editing assistant, archival assistant, clerk, etc. they will work in such professions. In addition to receiving a monthly salary, they will also gain initial knowledge and skills in the fields of television activities.

In general, "DOST Job Center" LLC cooperates with district (city) executive authorities and about 20 institutions. "Friend of the unemployed" program includes up to 56 thousand jobs. An employment contract has been concluded with each of those involved in the program, which forms the basis for their future social security rights.

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