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About labor pensions

Labor pension - a monthly payment to citizens for the purpose of compensating for the salary and other income received by the compulsory state social insured before the award of the labor pension or the income lost by their family members in connection with the death of the insured, determined by the rules and conditions provided by the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "On labor pensions" is the payment.

Individuals are assigned only one pension of their choice.

An employment pensioner has the right to switch from one type of labor pension to another, except for the transfer from the old-age pension to the disability pension.

The minimum amount of labor pension has been set at 280 manat since February 1, 2023.

The insurance part of the labor pension may be supplemented in accordance with the Law on Labor Pensions.

An employment pension is granted from the date of entitlement, but not later than the date of application, for a maximum of three years.

In the event of the death of a labor pensioner, his family shall be paid a funeral benefit in the amount of three times the minimum amount of the labor pension on the date of the pensioner's death.

Bank cards are ordered automatically after the retirement pension is determined.

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