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Silver DOST

Co-organized by the "DOST Volunteer" program and the "Third Spring" project, the "Silver DOST" subprogram aims to ensure an active lifestyle of retirees and support the effective organization of their leisure time. The program envisages the involvement of older citizens in volunteer activities in the centers. Participants can apply to the "Silver DOST" subprogram if they are over 50 years old.

Candidates for the Silver DOST subprogram can apply for an interview directly by filling out the appropriate form in the DOST centers, along with the online application form. The application form is formed by DOST Agency and contains the required information about the candidate. For those involved in the Silver DOST subprogram, the interview is assessed on their reintegration potential and general skills. The performance of the volunteers involved in the “Silver DOST” subprogram is assessed by observation, and the results of the observations provide recommendations on the activities of the volunteers by the volunteer management consultant. At the end of the event, volunteers are awarded with a letter of appreciation.

Volunteers of the "Silver DOST" subprogram meet citizens in DOST centers, regulate the flow of citizens, etc. are engaged in work.

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