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General FAQ

Baku DOST Center No. 1 serving the residents of Yasamal and Sabail districts is located in Yasamal district, by the address Gutgashinli Street 86. Baku DOST Center No. 2, which serves the residents of Khazar and Pirallahi districts, is located at 30 b, A.Ildirim Street, Shuvalan settlement, Khazar district. Baku DOST Center No. 3, which serves the residents of Nizami, Sabunchu and Surakhani districts, will be located at 183 b, Heydar Aliyev Avenue, Nizami district.

List of services provided in DOST centers:

1. Issuance of references on the activities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population

2. Services provided to employers and employees in the field of labor relations

3. Disability services

4. Employment services

5. Services provided in the field of labor pensions and social benefits

6. Assignment of targeted state social assistance

7. Assignment of the presidential grant

8. Individual registration and deregistration of the insured citizens

9. Services provided in the field of social services

10. Functional supportive services

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Work schedule of DOST Centers:

Monday - Thursday: 9am – 6pm

Saturday - Sunday: non work day

Recruitment to vacant positions in the Sustainable and Operational Social Security Agency, especially in DOST centers, is usually carried out on the basis of internal competition among employees of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the future, if necessary, it is planned to announce general competition for employment. The announcement will be posted on our website, social network accounts and in the media and will contain detailed information about vacancies, as well as the terms of the competition. Taking into account the above, after the announcement of the general competition, citizens can apply for participation in the competition.

The purpose of the Agency's activity is to organize the provision of services in "DOST" centers, to manage "DOST" centers, to monitor and evaluate their activities, to take measures to develop, improve and increase transparency in the provision of services to legal entities and individuals.

These are the directions of Agency's activity:

- To manage "DOST" centers, monitor their activity and evaluate it;

- To take measures for the implementation of services in the "DOST" centers on the basis of "single window" system, as well as the principles of efficiency, citizen satisfaction, transparency, courtesy, responsibility and convenience;

- To ensure the development of "DOST" centers, improving the quality of services provided in these centers, their implementation and improvement in electronic form, as well as the application of innovations;

- To ensure the fulfillment of the responsibilities set forth in this Charter in the field of child adoption;

- To take measures to improve performance and increase transparency in the relevant field.

Citizens can contact Call Center 142 for getting information on the directions of activities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, including inquiries and complaints related to social security, disability and medical and social rehabilitation, employment, compliance with labor legislation in the workplace and the use of electronic services in these areas.

"DOST Volunteer" is a program that recruits volunteers in DOST centers. Volunteers meet citizens in DOST centers and direct them to service windows, participate in the flow of citizens, queue management, inform citizens, assist in the use of electronic systems, familiarize citizens with the list of service documents, various questionnaires, forms, etc. assistance in filling out, special attention and care for the disabled, conducting opinion surveys and many other areas. Through volunteering, young people both increase their work experience and gain the ability to work with particularly vulnerable segments of the population.

DOST Agency invites young people who want to gain experience to the "DOST Volunteer" program! Young people aged 16-29 can join the program. The duration of volunteer activity is 2 months and the work is organized in 3 shifts. Each young person who successfully completes their volunteer activity is awarded with a special certificate. Young people who want to join the "DOST Volunteer" project can fill out this application form:

Eligible candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview.

The "Silver DOST" subprogram, co-organized by the "DOST Volunteer" program and the "Third Spring" project, aims to ensure an active lifestyle of retirees and support the effective organization of their leisure time. The program envisages the involvement of older citizens in volunteer activities in DOST centers.

Those who want to join the "Silver DOST" can register by following this link:

It is possible to be a DOST volunteer at home or anywhere else. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone! Those who join the "Virtual DOST" subprogram are involved in education, training, research, PR, consulting, etc. and perform tasks in the field online. This sub-program is also compatible in terms of social integration of people with disabilities and provides a good opportunity for them to volunteer without leaving home.

Interviews are held every month to select volunteers. Eligible individuals who match all the criterias are invited to interview. Those who are not invited have a chance to be called for an interview during the next selections. So, they can participate in all the selections by registering once.

Volunteers are provided with jobs if they meet the required criteria and if there is a suitable vacancy. Currently, there are several such people who have volunteered at the DOST Center and work at DOST Agency, DOST centers and Call Center 142.

In order to receive a voucher to sanatorium, a citizen must have a disability and not work. The residents of Yasamal and Sabail districts can apply Baku DOST Center No. 1, located at Gutgashinli Street 86 , and the residents of Khazar and Pirallahi districts can apply to Baku DOST Center No. 2, located at A.Yildirim Street 30b, Shuvalan settlement. The residents of other districts should apply to the relevant district (city) department of the SSPF.

You can only get information on disability determination at DOST centers. To determine the disability, the citizen must apply to the polyclinic at the place of residence. The polyclinic can send referrals to health institutions to collect the necessary documents. After collecting the information, the application is sent electronically by the polyclinic to the Medical Social Expertise and Rehabilitation subsystem.

The main purpose of DOST Agency and DOST centers is to deal with the social protection of people in need of it, including the disabled. There are also issues of assigning pensions, social benefits, pensions to people with disabilities, placing them in vocational rehabilitation centers, taking them to social services.

You can apply for targeted state social assistance through the "Targeted social assistance" section by accessing the portal.

To do this, you can apply by following the link below. A notarial representation reference is required for the application.:

The following link explains the procedure:

The appointment of a lump-sum benefit for the birth of a child (at the initial stage) is carried out online, if both parents are not working. After the date of receipt of the birth certificate for the child, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, in the conditions of integration into the relevant information system of the Ministry of Justice, determines the benefit electronically on the basis of information obtained from this system. For this, parents no longer need to apply to any institution and submit a document.

Information about parents not working is obtained in real-time from electronic information resources. The lump-sum benefit is assigned to the child's mother (in the absence of the mother or in other exceptional cases to the father), and the parent is sent an SMS-information about this, as well as from which bank he will receive the benefit. After that, the parent can receive benefits from the relevant bank by presenting an identity card.

A person caring for persons with disabilities of the 1st degree may apply to the relevant city and district department of the State Social Protection Fund at the place of residence, and residents of Sabail, Yasamal, Khazar and Pirallahi districts may also apply to DOST centers.

If family members of a person with a first-degree disability apply, then a document confirming their relationship and a statement from the person with a disability that the person applying for a pension has actually served him or her should be submitted. (If the application is not submitted by the person with the 1st degree disability, it must be notarized.)

If a person serving a person with a first-degree disability is not a family member, a decision of the guardianship and trusteeship authority (local executive authority's guardianship commission) and an application from the person with a disability stating that the person applying for the pension actually served him/her. should be presented.

Citizens and families of martyrs who lost their physical health during the protection of the territorial integrity and the constitutional order of the Republic of Azerbaijan are placed in the queue for housing by the executive authorities of their districts (cities) for be provided with housing (individual houses) for the expense of the goverment. Registration of this category of persons to the housing queue, change and cancellation of the queue is within the competence of the relevant district (city) executive authorities.

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Anyone over the age of 15 can get registered as a job seeker through "" or "" ( 3743) by filling in the "Müraciət-Ərizə" placed in the "Məşğulluq" subsystem. After the application is received by the "Məşğulluq" subsystem, the person is registered as a job seeker, the information about this is placed in the electronic office of the job seeker and sent to the person's mobile phone. If it is not possible to offer a suitable job to a able-bodied person registered as a job seeker without work or income within 5 working days, or if the employer refuses to accept the vacancy, as well as in case of inaction, a decision is made to register the person as unemployed will be placed in his/her personal account with appropriate notes in the individual employment record.

In addition, the residents of Sabail and Yasamal districts can apply to Baku DOST Center No. 1, and residents of Khazar and Pirallahi districts can apply to Baku DOST Center No. 2 and register as job seekers and unemployed.

DOST Agency provides adoption services to citizens. Currently, the "Children Deprived of Parental Care and Adoption" subsystem provides only the services of checking the right to adopt and whether there is a suitable child. Once the application section is fully ready, it will be possible to easily apply through the subsystemş

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